Hi, my name is Matthew Eastgate and I am a photographer.

My work reflects my love of detail and I try to highlight natural moments in time. I do my best working with amazing people who cherish great photography that pops and who have the confidence to let me lead. This allows me to achieve the results in the attached portfolio.

Now a little bit about myself.

I love spending time with my  wife, son &  daughter and watching the kids grow every day.
I love to watch movies. Any Will Farrel or Adam Sandler movie will keep me happy.

I am heavily into my cars. Datsuns being my weapon of choice.


Over a number of years enjoying photography as a hobby and honing my skills the passion and enjoyment of it has led me to leave my day to day job and pursue my dream of being a fulltime photographer.

I get intrigued by the energy shown by the people at each and every wedding that I play my part in, I know that capturing that energy with a camera was something I was born to do. The ability to capture those slices in time has grown with every single wedding since I started. The fact that I get to record and photograph one of the most important days in a couple’s life is not something that I take for granted. I have an amazing job! My goal when photographing a couple, family, child or senior is to capture the REAL YOU. I want you to be proud of the images we create together. I want you to hang them in your home, keep them on your phone, I want you to show them to everybody. I will make sure you love these images as much as I love creating them.